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10-Sep-2019 11:40

WHAT WE SEE: Charles Augustus Magnussen answers questions before a parliamentary committee.WHAT IT MEANS: In the episode "The Empty Hearse," a news report had mentioned a parliamentary committee was summoning Magnussen for an inquiry.And that's just the first of many hidden references and shout-outs. WHAT WE SEE: This episode is entitled "His Last Vow."WHAT IT MEANS: The title references Sherlock's vow, made at the end of the previous episode, that he would do anything to protect John, Mary and their unborn child.It also calls back to Doyle's "His Last Bow," the final Holmes story chronologically.While there has been an excessive amount of self-indulgence this year, some of it was forgivable.What was there not to love about Anderson’s crazed conspiracy theories or drunken Sherlock?It felt implausible and too much of a coincidence without being known for being clever but this time it is trying far too hard and is coming across a tad foolish.

It pushed the realms of believability a little too far – even John was finding it hard to believe.came to its close on American television last night with the finale episode "His Last Vow," where Sherlock finally faced the mysterious blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen.

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