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Wearing a cloth cap on his head and a button-down shirt and tie under his work overalls, he would stoop over to pick up a brick from its pile, place it on the mortar bed, and tap it into place, then stoop to pick up a new brick, over and over, hundreds of times a day.

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Bush's Siblings Discuss Their Brother's Presidential Bid • Republican National Convention: George W.By the time Bill was nine, in 1892, his father, Larry J. had learned stonemasonry from his own father, an Irish immigrant, so he in turn taught bricklaying to Bill and his other two surviving sons (one of whom was my great-grandfather).Kennedy, had moved his brood out to another frontier: Port Chester, a tiny but bustling factory town in New York’s Westchester County. J.” plied his trade as a bricklayer and eventually became a moderately successful contractor, overseeing the construction and enlargement of factories, schools, hospitals and libraries across the region. Bill took up the trowel and went to work as an apprentice at age thirteen.Finally, when Bill was seventeen or eighteen, he and Joe, two years younger, hopped a freight train bound for the West.

In many ways, Bill Kennedy would be on the road for the rest of his life. Louis” The Kennedy boys were part of a great westward movement, one that took advantage of the trails already blazed and the rails already laid.

He grew up on his father’s building sites, learning how to mix mortar from lime, sand and water; how to cut bricks to a desired size with the trowel or a hammer and chisel; how to use a level, plumb rule and straight edge; and the other secrets of a trade dating back thousands of years.