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18-Aug-2019 22:25

The actor showed off his buff body as he shot a scene for the upcoming comic book movie, taking on his new role of a character struggling with his dual identity.

Stepping out into the Atlanta sun, Tom was decked out in a comfy outfit of a grey top and washed denim jeans which fit snugly around his muscular body.

But once the scene had finished he seemed cheerful and quickly broke out of character to give a smile as he stood by a car.

The R-Rated film is a spin-off in the Spider-Man franchise, and is said to be set in the same universe as the much-loved film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

What do you think of Laura taking on the role of Wolverine in the comics?

I was happy when after the "Death of Wolverine" she was going to step into the role.

Not the festivities themselves (we all know I make magic on the dance floor), but all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the event was just ridiculous.

Alfie Solomons is one of the best t.v characters ever.He is this extraordinary, beautiful, perfect thing.