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While the world benefits from what’s new, IEEE focuses on what’s next.IEEE Day 2016 is the 7th edition of the same and will be celebrated on 4th October 2016. Chess competition Also : Project Exhibition RSVP: Abstract Plant names have the potential to act as a standardized metadata system for ordering and accessing all the biological information about plants that is increasingly being collected, stored, searched, retrieved and integrated through computers.IEEE TUF also have some extracurricular activities: 1. This seminar argues naming according to the plant naming codes (the laws of plant naming) provides a superior metadata structure because they enable information linkages across diverse information collections and they retain the benefit of being rule based, memorable, understandable and communicable, compared to disembodied signs like Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs), Life Science Identifiers (LSIDs) and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs).The choice between "Doi: Z/1471-23458-142-917" or "Phaius australis F. IEEE DAY 2016 is the day when professionals and students under IEEE come together and celebrate the fact that they are part of this great institute.At the end the Bahrain IEEE Section has honored IEEE Bahrain Young Professionals AG Chair , Engineer Tasneem Yousif for her achievements and giving her exemplary volunteer award .finally , we cut the IEEE Cake ceremony and had a photo group IEEE Bahrain Young Professionals Affinity group EXCOM , members , graduate members and senior members had organized at IEEE Bahrain Day that held at Bahrain Engineering Society from till 10 Pm (4/10/2016).Mission: ــــــــــــــــ Creating a professional environment to develop the students through providing: • A new events and activities to El-Shorouk Academy.• Non technical sessions to enhance the personal skills for all students.

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IEEE Day is a global event that's held every year to celebrate IEEE and its achievements.It is going to be about IEEE Day and there will be a lot of riddles which are technical or logical.