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Ensure there’s glucose with your electrolyte drink to fix the former, then for the latter, try an L-theanine supplement – this is the amino acid in green tea that relaxes your nerves.Oh, and take some mouthwash and scrub your tongue – this is where booze-breath bacteria builds up.e’ve all been there – there’s another work do coming up and ibuprofen can only undo so much.You don’t want to overdo it, but you don’t want to miss out either. This guide will save you from the inexorable tide of the party season – it’s a lifeline for your mind, body and savings (we can’t do anything for your soul, though. Here’s how to keep your head above water while enjoying the cocktails and canapés relatively guilt-free. If you know your liver is about to undertake a crucible the likes of which Dante couldn’t dream up, as is likely to be the case in the coming months, it may be worth adding bean to leaf with a regular pot of coffee to help you navigate the boozy inferno.While scientists are still researching the effects of cold showers on a person’s mood, there are some studies which suggest they can help treat symptoms of depression and anxiety.What’s more, your blood vessels contract and dilate as you change from hot to cold and back again, stimulating healthy blood flow – essential for both clearing alcohol from your system and energy production.A little shivering certainly beats the alcohol shakes at your desk, at least.

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For starters, stock up at home, but be realistic: you won’t be craving a kale salad nor will you be adroit enough for anything gastronomical.So while you can’t bounce back like a student these days, you will likely suffer something akin to freshers’ flu.Overdoing the exercise will do little more than send you straight to bed with a hot water bottle. Some slow paced yoga – think hatha instead of vinyasa – is a good way to get your circulatory system going again. On a chemical level, boozing and high-GI foods both cause happiness spikes, but so does all the partying – the dinners, time with friends, relaxed working and so on.And Santa’s coat’s not the only thing that’s red – your bank balance is, too. That’s according to researchers from the University of Southampton, who, after a meta-analysis of coffee studies, found drinking one cup a day reduces your risk of liver cirrhosis by 22%.

The effects are cumulative: two cups cuts your risk by 43%; four cups by 65%. We couldn’t get away without mentioning the liver-prep of proper hydration.Research from Australia found that Asian pear can reduce the side effects of drinking by up to 20%.

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