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Yep, that niggling in the back of my mind was right. Acknowledging this during the campaign may have cost me the support of some police officers and organizations who seemed to think my concern for dead children and other victims showed a presumption of wrong doing by police. Surely, they couldn’t have taken your words at face value and come to the reasonable conclusion that you would happily sacrifice them upon the altar of political correctness and social justice cause du jour?

Clinton, or a very clever editor, set those clauses up in such a way it becomes an indictment of cops. And congratulations, you almost got me to fall for your line of crap. (Pg 177) Now why would any officer ever think that, Hill? I’ll note here as well that she does not answer this so-called misconception by officers that she might have held a “presumption of wrong doing by police.” Instead, she continues on and it finally becomes clear what the purpose of this chapter is: She is positioning herself for holding office again — or going to work for a PAC of some sort, be it the Clinton Foundation or more of her high priced public speaking engagements.

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I have them, you have them, and police officers have them: deeply ingrained thoughts that can lead us to think “Gun! Not only does she admit everyone has implicit biases, but she admits SHE has them.The way she frames it in this chapter, it’s amazing she ever had time to meet with anyone else on the campaign trail.Of course, it was all a lead up to her real point — gun control and her positioning herself as the only politician to ever stand against the NRA and al those against gun control even though she knew it might not be a wise political move. Does she remember the same Democratic Party that I do?This was going to be Clinton’s attack on several things I hold dear — our first responders and the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, I hadn’t anticipated just how hard she’d try to cast herself into the role of the only person in the country — and possibly the world — who could end gun violence in the USA.

For four pages, Clinton describes meeting with different mothers who lost their sons or daughters to police shootings.Cops, all cops because of the way she phrased the first sentence, have that implicit bias. This chapter is her setting herself up as a champion of those done wrong by the police and, I know this will shock you, the leading advocate for gun control.

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