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In the same Perth courthouse today, Justices Christopher Steytler, Christine Wheeler and Carmel Mc Lure ruled Beamish had not committed the murder, saying they now believed a 1964 gallows confession from one of Australia's most notorious serial killer, Eric Edgar Cooke.

The appeal decision creates the longest gap between a conviction and an appeal victory anywhere in Australia.

who does the translating, which is invariably excellent? [I've never seen a ticket inspector within miles of one] why does anyone ever give them any money? I can't find the reference of the person who was convicted, but as I recall, it was 30 years behind bars, presumably for multiple counts of one of the above crimes.

I really am surprised this is perceived as some new crime.

I never have anything to do with people on the street and dont' read pieces of paper that strangers give me like that. Also buying fake Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags leads money to be filtered to more unsavoury scams and illegal trafficking. It's now legal to beg in France, but it's illegal to profit from the begging of others.

If you are traveling to Paris soon, be aware and be sure to ignore the scammers and con artists.

I fell for this the first time - a very young (adorable) boy approached us and I gave him 2 euros.

Two years later Mr Beamish was convicted by a jury and sentenced to death after the West Australian Supreme Court heard apparently compelling evidence of his confessions, which contained details of Ms Brewer's killing.

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Five parties had MSPs in the fifth parliament: Scottish National Party (SNP) led by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Conservatives led by Ruth Davidson, Scottish Labour Party led by Richard Leonard, Scottish Greens, led by their co-conveners Patrick Harvie and Maggie Chapman, and the Scottish Liberal Democrats, led by Willie Rennie.… continue reading »

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