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26-May-2019 16:42

Handling agent shall mean a ground handling entity authorised by a carrier to carry out operations on ground handling of passengers and baggage.Sales agent shall mean a legal entity or natural person being an entrepreneur carrying out activities on air transportation sale on instructions of a carrier or a general agent under an agreement.of the day following the day when an event occurred or action was committed; remainder of time of this day is not taken into account.If expiry of the periods indicted above is on a holiday or a day off, then the expiry of the period shall be the first business day following it.Electronic coupon shall mean part of an electronic ticket used for carriage on the relevant flight, or any other replacement document held in the carriers' database of computer reservations system.Applicable laws shall mean laws, resolutions, regulations and orders, as well as other statutory instruments of any state that regulate performance of air carriage of passengers and baggage from the territory, to the territory and through the territory of which carriage of passengers and baggage is performed.

Electronic ticket shall mean an electronic document, which includes the itinerary/receipt, issued in any manner by a carrier or on behalf of a carrier, electronic coupons and, if applicable, a boarding document.

Loss of baggage shall mean a fact of a non-delivery of baggage to the point of destination which is acknowledged by a carrier after the period of search conducted by the air carrier expires or after 21 days since a passenger filed a statement regarding the missing baggage.

Group transportation shall mean carriage of a group of passengers travelling by the same flight that have a common goal of travel.

Transfer baggage shall mean checked baggage of a transfer passenger, which is accepted for transportation from the point of departure to the point of destination, and reloaded at the transfer point.

“RUSH” Tag (urgent transportation) shall mean an identification tag for re-dispatched baggage (unclaimed, mishandled baggage).The term “carrier” shall also include the airline, staff, representatives and contractors of the carrier, unless it is provided otherwise herein.

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