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Spider-Man 3 picks up where the previous film leaves off, with Peter and Mary Jane finally in a strong relationship and the city of New York showing Spider-man the long-overdue appreciation he deserves. Harry seeks revenge for the death of his father by attacking Peter using all the tricks of the Green Goblin.

Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church), the criminal who murdered Ben Parker, escapes from jail and develops superhuman capabilities when his body's molecules merge with sand in a particle accelerator.

Coupled with the outstanding special effects--especially those of the Doc Ock and the Sandman--the Spider-man trilogy comes very close to perfect entertainment.

The first film is presented in 1.85:1 aspect ratio while the subsequent two are framed in 2.40:1.

In a farcical cabaret performance, he shows off his skills on piano and his dance moves.

But the humor is strong throughout all three films.

The thrird installment covers the most ground and takes the most chances, not just with the effects but with the complex emotional ties of the characters and the wild humor that keeps Spider-man 3 from taking itself too seriously.

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He even gives up his superhero job to focus on his scholarly pursuits, and his superhuman skills begin to atrophy.An organic substance from space falls to earth on a meteor, attaches itself to Peter's spidey suit and starts to eat away at his selflessness until he becomes egocentric and vengeful.Peter finally shakes this manifestation of revenge in the bell tower of a church, but the black substance then infects Eddie Brock (Topher Grace) turning him into the criminal, Venom.The goblin arises from a failed project to develop a power serum for the military.

To defeat the goblin, Peter must not only overcome the physical and technological powers, but moral and emotional ones, too.After high school senior Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is bitten by a genetically engineered spider, his DNA mutates to give him superhuman abilities. He navigates the concrete jungle of Manhattan swinging from webs shot from his wrists.

Even if she does not share his dream, she will respect him for having one.… continue reading »

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