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), so to narrow down the prospects, I stuck to the important issues.I made my opening line “On your latkes: sour cream or applesauce?I chose a profile photo of myself in a Santa onesie. It got approved, as did all my other conservatively dressed photos.Christian Mingle had to approve my bio and photos before they went public. I thought choosing “Charismatic” would show how charming and fun I was, but Google informed me that it is in fact a kind of Christianity that “emphasizes the work of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts and modern-day miracles as an everyday part of a believer’s life.” Whoops.I didn’t think I’d have much luck on a site that asked me for my favorite Bible passage.I didn’t have one, so I chose the Old Testament instead. ) My Christian friends informed me that choosing a whole book wasn’t technically a passage, and that I could go with a popular section like “Love is patient, love is kind,” but that brought back too many memories of a dying Mandy Moore in .

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But just like during Lent, the rules were strict here.

After a disappointing few weeks on Christian Mingle, I was desperate for someone to talk to me.