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26-Aug-2019 13:57

Fellow revolutionary Panayot Hitov later described the adult Levski as being of medium height and having an agile, wiry appearance—with light, greyish-blue eyes, blond hair, and a small moustache.He added that Levski abstained from smoking and drinking.In the spring of 1863, Levski returned to Bulgarian lands after a brief stay in Romania.His uncle Basil reported him as a rebel to the Ottoman authorities, and Levski was imprisoned in Plovdiv for three months, but released due to the help of the doctor R. From May 1864 until March 1866, he worked as a teacher in Voynyagovo near Karlovo; while there, he supported and gave shelter to persecuted Bulgarians and organised patriotic groups among the population.In Belgrade, Rakovski had been assembling the First Bulgarian Legion, a military detachment formed by Bulgarian volunteers and revolutionary workers seeking the overthrow of Ottoman rule.Abandoning his service as a monk, Levski enlisted as a volunteer.Levski began his education at a school in Karlovo, studying homespun tailoring as a local craftsman's apprentice.In 1855, Levski's uncle Basil—archimandrite and envoy of the Hilandar monastery—took him to Stara Zagora, where he attended school of 1862.

De asemenea, există grupuri notabile de suporteri din Sofia (Sofia-Vest, Divizia Sud, HD Boys) sau din alte orașe (ca și Ultra Varna, Blue Warriors Plovdiv și multe altele).After working as a teacher in Bulgarian lands, he propagated his views and developed the concept of his Bulgaria-based revolutionary organisation, an innovative idea that superseded the foreign-based detachment strategy of the past.

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