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23-Jun-2019 10:10

I found this to be one charming movie but please, do not, by any means , take it as a documentary or search any sociological value in it.

Otherwise you might be tempted to believe that the gypsies are a cute, merry, high-spirited people kept in cruel slavery by the oppressing Romanians.

Drunken Izidor only hears the handful of Romani words and takes Stéphane to his village, determined to teach the boy the Romani language.

What's enjoyable here is the human story , at times joyful, at times moving and full of sorrow - a story that transcends the ethnic borders of the movie.Which makes the ending, for all its inevitability, so disappointingly deflating.Wandering along a frozen road, he meets old Izidor, a Rom and tries tell him of Nora Luca.In summer, the ice between him and beautiful Sabina finally cracks, and a secret is revealed.

I rented the movie wishing to see why would Vadim Tudor , the leader of the ultra-nationalist movement in Romania , be angry at a relatively unknown actress of Jewish descent but born in Romania , called Rona Hartner.

But to European auteurs, the key words would be pride, prejudice, poverty and exploitation.

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