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Once Kelly cums, she pushes away her tiny dicked boyfriend in disgust.Bored of having to be fucked by a fake cock, Kelly tells Cameron that she is going to break up with him in one hour unless he finds a way to really get her fucked.They administer cbt torture on the pathetic slave by kicking him in his useless balls until he doubles over in pain.Goddess Tessa Crane decides to give her new slave one more chance to please her by presenting her huge black cock for him to suck.The poor slave can't even sit still during the caning, which make the Goddesses cane his bitch ass even more, and harder.Goddess Tessa Crane and Goddess Ginger have finished caning their new slave and wonder why mother nature would give this pathetic slave balls in the first place, since he obviously doesn't know what to do with them.Goddess Crane then gets really angry at her stupid slave bitch and starts the cock and ball torture mercilessly.Goddess Tessa Crane gets a running start before kicking his balls repeatedly then asks Goddess Ginger for help training the slave as she can't even look at him.

And then, the pathetic slave makes a horrible mistake by forgetting Goddess Crane's name.

I read your online dating profile and it made me laugh.

You are nowhere near the man you portray yourself to be. I will describe you, post your pix and I will make your dates for you.

Desperate, Cameron offers friends and even total strangers the chance to fuck his girlfriend only to get turned down several times until someone says yes.

Cameron was happy to find someone to fuck Kelly but now he has to face the aftermath.

Jamie decides to grab the slave by his balls and threaten and terrify him further in his punishment, before going back to delivering more vicious cane strokes.

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