Enemy of my frenemy online dating

25-Apr-2019 02:49

Do you find that every activity with your friend gets posted on social media to document your closeness?

Does your buddy coerce you into outings when it means you have to break plans with your baby?

But you expect your beloved to accept the situation with grace and a positive outlook, right?

Yet sometimes your lover senses danger when you've got on blinders.

In actuality, you probably like your newest step parent, or if you don’t you will (trust me, I’ve been there, they grow on you).

Next thing you know, your family is “normal” again.

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If everything is on the up and up, having a friend of the opposite sex can help you understand your darling dearest better.

Heading Off Course However, sometimes your friend leads you astray, charting a course of relationship sabotage.

You might not recognize this tendency, but your sweetheart's competitive instincts certainly will.

A close friend will also give you a wake-up call when you're about to step into relationship quicksand.

And if you've already waded in, your friend will help explain why your lover is mad or upset.If your honey expresses concerns about the negative vibes coming from your pal, don't retreat into denial mode too quickly. Take a good look at the situation and see if those vibes indicate that your friend is really a frenemy.

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