Expat dating in beijing

15-May-2019 15:28

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Other than that, I love Chengdu and would stay forever, but it can be lonely & I find local Chinese guys tend to be rather traditional (I'm politely saying narrow minded and somewhat perverted) and the foreign guys are generally either gross or taken (love sleeping around or basically practically married already).

I'm not saying everyone but enough that I've given up trying here.

So I hope you guys can tell me: Where to meet new people in Shenzhen? Are the asian guys super traditional/narrow minded or more open to foreigners? I've made a lot of close friends in CD and I'd like to make more in SZ (my Mandarin is not bad).

How is the interracial -chinese/foreign- dating scene in SZ? (like in Chengdu most medical students & uni students now prefer other foreigners.

I think I will be near the luohu area (SZ is way bigger than Chengdu so I cant remember but I thought my friends house is about 4 stops/2 lines from luohu border to HK and I had planned to move relatively near to her)Basically I'm looking to move to some place for the next year with the intention of meeting someone fabulous and getting a good job so I can settle down and have a family.

What is a good place to live for a not quite 30 year old who looks and acts super young but isnt crazy about the bar scene?

(You know, guys like Chinabounder, or these other high-profile cases of foreign men doing some really despicable things to Chinese women in public.) What do you think?

Because you’ve got a VPN that lets you use Facebook (that’s banned by the government) plus you’ve got Skype and Whats App too.

So, is Beijing becoming a more dangerous place for these couples?

Is this the natural escalation of “foreigners behaving badly” in China? The main reason being that I do want to settle down in the relatively near future and I feel like I can't get the stable income, regular hours or the handsome guy for that to become a reality.

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