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Deitrich gives Archer/Troy the custom pair of M1911-A1s, along with your typical assortment of illegal contraband. Note that these are most likely not the same pistols Troy used earlier in the film, as that pair was undoubtedly seized by the FBI and placed in evidence.Archer/Troy holds one of the custom M1911-A1s on Agent Buzz (James Denton) after running into him during the apartment raid.Both pistols are expertly put in "Condition One", sometimes referred to as being "cocked, locked, and ready to rock", meaning that the weapons are chambered, cocked, and put on safety.All that needs to be done once the gun is drawn is to click the safety off and it is ready to fire.He uses them both during the first major gunfight of the movie, putting a hole in the windshield of the helicopter Sean Archer (John Travolta) is in and later gunning down several agents in the airport hangar.

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SIG-Sauer P226 two-tone with nickel hammer - 9x19mm.

During the final shootout in the church, Castor Troy's girlfriend Sasha Hassler (Gina Gershon) is armed with a Smith & Wesson 3913.

She likely took it from one of Dietrich's (Nick Cassavetes) friends, who was killed while using it during the raid on his apartment.

Face/Off is the 1997 action thriller directed by John Woo and stars John Travolta as Sean Archer, an FBI agent who undergoes an experimental procedure to transplant the face of his arch nemesis Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) onto his own body in order to go undercover to find the clues to disarm a bomb planted somewhere in the city of Los Angeles.

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Through an unfortunate turn of events, a duplicate procedure has been done on an individual that threatens both him and his family.Castor Troy/Sean Archer (John Travolta) tries to draw one, which he previously stole from an FBI agent, to use on Sean Archer/Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) while on the speed boat, but Archer/Troy kicks it away before he can use it.

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