Failed while updating boot sectors disk

24-Apr-2019 19:26

I performed sudo apt-get clean, but it did not resolve the issue. Or did you create a separate /boot partition (not recommended unless required like with full drive encryption). Age old issues with LVM installs as new UEFI systems download several copies of kernel and user must regularly houseclean.

I checked my hard drive, and I have almost 300 gigs free... With 16.04 they now automatically only keep two kernel versions, so not an issue anymore.

Every version of the kernel is installed separately, on my system each version consist of 4 packages: (Note that not all of these listed packages are old kernels - some of them are just "meta-packages" for the latest kernel.

failed while updating boot sectors disk-43

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What is taking up that space is previous kernel versions.If you fail to boot your computer or even lose important data after receiving this kind of error message, this article will share how to free recover data and fix the disk boot failure 1.One possible reason is that the hard disk is stuck in the drive, in which situation you can try to remove the hard disk and reinsert it again. You can also check if the boot sequence is correct by entering the BIOS settings.Usually, BIOS settings can tell how computer boots and where it boot from, so it is important to set a correct order for the booting device to protect your computer from failing to boot. The boot sector is infected with virus, in which situation you may also receive the error message about disk boot failure when attempting to booting your computer.

Therefore, it is important to install antivirus software and update it regularly to protect your computer from being attacked by any virus. If you install a new hard drive or the old hard drive is corrupted, it may also cause disk boot failure problem. Windows system failure is another common reason that might result in disk boot failure. Sometimes, your computer sows disk boot failure after installing a new program on your computer.but, changing the size of /boot doesn't require upgrading to 16.04 LTS.