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I hope this information will save you time and money in looking for answers. It is the full manual from start to finish with complete operating procedures as well as schematics, operation instructions complete with pictures, and trouble shooting section and even other contact numbers to deal direct with Garmin, if your model is not covered in this manual.Here is the link for you: if you can, please rate my solution if you can and some kind words would be appreciated.This is normally known as electromagnetic interference to electronics and is very common Contact Magellan for this issue.There are others also who had their Magellan GPS bricked while updating it.OTHER FREEZE PROBLEMS OCCUR BECAUSE THE DEVICE IS COLD WHEN IT IS KEPT IN THE VEHICLE AND CHIP CREEK OCCURS WHERE THE DEVICES MICROCHIPS BECOME LOOSE AND TIGHTEND BECAUSE OF WARM AND COLDER AIR FLUCTUATIONS.IT IS BEST TO KEEP THE DEVICE IN A PURSE OR ON A TABLE WHERE IT IS NOT SUBJECT TO CONSTANT TEMP. PREVENTION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE IS BEST SOLVED BY: interference from devices located nearby, and even a radio turned on and located really close to your unit.

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Map Share™ Get daily map changes from the Tom Tom community.But I will also try your suggestions, and see what works best :) Thanks for the reply :) I might have found a workaround, and that's by migrating everything from a MDB project into an ADP project.the service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of.(from cars to computers, handyman, and even drones) GPS SYSTEMS HAVE A TENDENCY TO LOSE CONNECTIVITY TO SATILLITES BECAUSE OF BAD WEATHER, CLOUD COVER, TUNNEL ENTRANCE, BAD OR NO POWER, BATTERY LIFE HAS BEEN EXPENDED, HAZARD OF ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE TO GPS SYSTEMS, AND IMPROPER VEHICLE MOUNTING AND HAND HELD POSITION. ALWAYS PLACE YOUR GPS DEVICE IN THE UPPERMOST PORTION OF YOUR VEHICLE SO THAT THE GPS SIGNAL MAY EASILY LOCATE YOUR DEVICE EVEN WHEN THE WEATHER IS BAD 2.The moment that you start to use the arrow keys, it no longer responds and will just sit there.

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Underneath a keypad is a flexible metal plate or a plastic switch that creates contact to the main board of the device as you press it. My best advise is to bring your u Pro GPS to the nearest GPS repair center in your area to replace the switches.

You are experiencing a keypad problem (arrow keys).