Football players and dating

15-Jul-2019 04:38

Yes they get a lotta bitches for sure and have their own distinct set of groupies, but most women are trying to be with a dude who doesn’t actually kill people and is gone years at a time.Women love to be with Footballers because most of those motherfuckers are two important things. Yes basketball players are tall also and they get a lot of ass, probably more than Football players do, but most of those guys aren’t really throwing up heavy weights in the gym.Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping everyone learn how to do anything. Through all these years of evolution women are still wired to want to be with a man that looks like he can do a number of things.Your coaches will tell you, and if they don’t one of your teammates parents will say something about it, or an opposing team member.You are constantly being told that whatever you just did is not good enough. What if you’re a young girl in class learning your multiples of 6 and when you think 6 x 8 is 49 the teacher, instead of explaining to you why it was wrong calls you stupid motherfucker and makes you do 15 up downs.While a lot of these things may be similar with white footballers, it can be very different, due to socioeconomic reasons, lifestyle, and ultimately being white.

So now imagine you’re a young college aged co ed named, Ashley.

Ashley has been chasing star linebacker Tyrone all over campus and finally after months of “chilling” they are “together”. She beat out all of Tyrone’s female fans and became the object of his affection, now they can build a relationship and she will never have to work again. Ashley now has to interact with a Football player on an everyday basis and not just on a sexual level, and Football Players are some of the craziest motherfuckers on the planet.

So hopefully with a few tips and a look inside the scrambled brain of a player maybe I can help those Ashleys to better understand Tyrone and maybe if you listen to me you can have a decent outcome and not just be baby mama #2 *ADVISORY* Most of my information pertains to the species of black football player.

This criteria makes men that participated in sports at a high level very attractive to women.

Athletes are usually tall and in shape and spend most of their lives picking and choosing what girl they want due to participating in a sport.Football players have now become today’s equivalent to those famous warriors from the past.