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04-Aug-2019 00:51

I’m not too insulted because my ‘pram’ is a specially designed pushchair, and strapped into it is George, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.And far from being a baby, he’s 13½ in human years, which, according to experts, in dog years puts him in his doddery late 70s.Five minutes later, George has forgotten that he’s eaten and is standing in the doorway of my study, barking to be fed again. He often walks into a room, stands there looking confused as if he’s forgotten what he’s come in for, then plods out again.That sounds like someone else I know, but I can’t remember who.Though he’s clearly exhausted, my spaniel insists on walking all the way home under his own steam.

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When I eventually plonk him back into it, he jumps straight out.And since he can no longer hear me calling or whistling, I have to fetch him.