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23-May-2019 05:00

“Lopinot was a fantastic trip as well,” he continues.

“The strange thing there is that when we finished the investigation it was made clear to us that they’d brought in a priest and had exorcised the place.

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In the season opener, “Rising from the Grave,” GHI visited Trinidad and the Lopinot Plantation to check out reports that the spirit of Count de Lopinot, a cruel slave master, rises from the grave on his cocoa plantation.People were falling over each other and at one point Kris actually fell down a small cliff edge.It was really tough to get that episode done and by the time it was all over we were exhausted, but we absolutely enjoyed it through and through.She's also worked in electronics and has a background in art and experience with photography, which has come in handy working for TAPS.

Since 2008, Ghost Hunters International has traveled the globe, its team members using their knowledge of the paranormal and technical know-how to try to substantiate -- or debunk -- claims of ghostly sightings.“We had a fantastic couple of cases in Trinidad, one of which that really stands out for me is Chacachacare Island,” says Fitz Gerald.