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Interestingly, with of Author Appeal can be easy to produce work for, if the rarity of such works sufficiently balances out any faults with the work itself.Sometimes Author Appeal nets you not only people with similar interests, but people on the receiving end of those interests who may be flattered to be an object of an author's/fandom's affection.Deliberately satirical or political stories often invoke associated Take That! Author Appeal is perhaps the single leading cause of Mary Sue characters and Mega Crossover settings.Beyond just being written from the ground up to appeal to the author's baser interests, most writers can't help but to then derail the storyline and other characters to facilitate the character; that's the line where Author Appeal gets out of hand.Another fetish that can be related to gender identity disorder, here is an example from the case files of Dr.Ray Blanchard, an expert in the field: “Philip was a 38-year-old professional man referred to the author’s clinic for assessment…While some people that are into furry fandom defend themselves from the highly sexualized deviant portraits the media and websites like AMOG paint of their lifestyle, the strange evidence speaks for itself here and here. Eproctophilia People’s potential attraction to everything that has to do with the anus and its contents seems limitless. Nothing much more to say about this, I think the link explains it all. Coprophilia Ah, one fetish we’ve all heard of, especially from the viral hit 2 girls 1 cup.

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Generally, the dominant asshole verbally or physically abuses their partner to the point of tears in order to get off.Compare Fanservice, Author Tract, Writer on Board, Filibuster Freefall, and Mary Suetopia.Inversion of Author Phobia, in which the creator uses their personal dread in a work.A kind of Fanservice where the presence of a particular gimmick or kink is so widespread and prominent that it is interpreted as a specific reason the creator actually produced the work.

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Often, this can overlap with a certain philosophy the author espouses; for instance, an "enlightened culture" in The Future may have no nudity taboo, or may have everyone bisexual, remove all body hair at birth, et cetera.Philip began masturbating at puberty, which occurred at age 12 or 13.

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