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Cyclists maneuvering a bit safer on the roadway riding on Zipp 454s are just another beneficiary of the Lord’s good provision. These present a real challenge to the millions-of-years age assignments for these fossils, since best-case scenarios predict that biochemicals fizzle out in less than one million years.

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Called tubercles, these protrusions make humpbacks more agile by keeping water attached to their flippers when they turn.

Furthermore, they seem to misunderstand the recent results of the RATE research project that showed strong evidence of ubiquitous in situ radiocarbon within fossil specimens that should be radiocarbon “dead” by uniformitarian reckoning.

Such results pose a serious challenge to uniformitarian assumptions underlying conventional radiocarbon age-dating methods.

In the same way that a plane can stall when air separates from the wing during high-speed maneuvers, uncontrolled turbulence over a whale’s flipper makes turning more difficult.

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Tubercles keep the water attached as it flows past….Another important point ICR has emphasized is how some people reasonably infer that God created living things.

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