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If you click on the bio url in the DX panel and press return, your web browser will be redirected to the station's QRZ bio.

There are many more subtle features and facilities not listed to make this software even more enjoyable to use.

False positives can occur because the call sign cannot uniqely identify an IOTA entity in all cases.

Even the IOTA id's supplied by a call book service may not be correct.

Most of the controls will display tool tips that describe what they do when you mouse over them.

If you don't find an answer to your questions here in the FAQ or in the user videos on You Tube then please refer your question to one of the support email reflectors.

If you're an aspiring DXLab user who has not installed any DXLab applications on your PC, or if you're a long-time DXLab user who has never installed the Launcher, then installing the Launcher will make it easy to install new DXLab applications and keep them up to date as upgrades are released.

Clicking the Install Launcher button below will download and install the DXLab Launcher on your PC.

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mac OS looks for the help files contained in the app in the Applications folder.To facilitate this process, two kinds of releases are provided: a full release containing all software and documentation components, and an incremental release that contains only those components that have changed since the most recent full release.