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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. The annals of the Minster may be said to date from the ing, at the same time, the language in which they are written, and it is to supply these deficiencies that this yolume has been published.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. DURHAM: Vttl Hilc^ t9t t|e Sockets Iff GEORGE ANDREWS, SADLER STREET. To remedy these defects was his chief endeavour; the win^- dows which had formerly been filled with linen, or bdards pierced with holes, he how glazed ; he covered the roof With lead, atid purified and furnished anew the interior of the church. Letters flrom the Lord Keeper and the Arohbishop touching the Lord Maior his sytting in Uie stall of the Archdeaoon of York. Two letters on behalf of the rents attached to the fitbrio of the Minster 880 LXII. Phili'lppo carpentano pro stipendio £t pro j tyler et j garciom sibi servienti per j sqtimanam.

Again, there is no church beyond the walls of the City of York which can possibly be identified with the basilica described by Alcuin, and within the City itself, which was then small, it is scarcely possible that there should exist at that early period, and at the same time, a Cathedral Church and a gorgeous basilica in which there were no less than thirty altars.

But there is a statement on the table of the benefactors to the Minster which goes far to prove that these two buildings wer^ identical ; Albert is there placed among the five founders or builders of the Cathedral ; would his name stand there if the basilica which be undoubtedly erected were not the Minster, *' but some other church, either in York or elsewhere in the diocese ? Inventorium omnium jocalium, Tasorum auri et argenti, ao aliorum ornamentorum, vestimentorum, et librorum ad Eoole- siam Cathedralem Ebor.

" It is my impression, therefore, that Archbishop Albert was actually the builder of that church which was in exist- ence at the Norman Conquest.

Of its shape and extent there is nothing now known.

Within twelve months, however, Thomas the Norman became Archbishop, and he, according to Stubbes, rebuilt the church from its foundations. Poole seems to think that Thomas merely repaired the choir to fit it for the due celebration of divine worship, and that it was not fully restored till Roger came to the see in the middle of the next century. Tres litene de Bicardo Sorope ardiiepiscopo Ebor 198 XLIII.

Jeśli uważasz tę stronę za przydatną, możesz ją wesprzeć, przekazując dowolną kwotę w ramach darowizny.… continue reading »

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L'istituzione della festa liturgica del Natale, come ricorrenza annuale del giorno di nascita di Gesù, e la sua collocazione al 25 dicembre del calendario solare romano (giuliano, poi gregoriano) è documentata a partire dal 336 Le uniche fonti testuali che riferiscono della nascita di Gesù sono i Vangeli di Matteo e Luca, che però non forniscono indicazioni cronologiche precise.… continue reading »

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