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According to Radar Online, the mother of Scott's children is far from pleased with his latest shenanigans, and is acting accordingly.She has informed him that he won't be permitted to have contact with his kids as long as he's involved in a relationship with Richie.Yesterday, we learned that the Kardashians have cut professional ties with Disick as a result of his relationship with Richie.Now, it seems that one member of the famous clan is taking things a step further and cutting Scott out of her life entirely."It is so obvious to everyone that Scott and Sofia are just using each other to get back at Kourtney," says the source."Sofia's motivation is obviously Bieber, and Scott is just so jealous of Younes." Sounds like a healthy situation for everyone involved. Friends and family ask a lot of questions about our sex life and I'm keen to dispel the rumours, me and Jill are very sexually active.'I wish the stigma would end around that.'The couple say they have mixed responses from the public; some people mistake them as mother and son, others congratulate their age-gap relationship.

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On top of that, Kourtney is not the one who started dating "dating young," as Scott spent most of the past year in the company of much younger women.

In the past three months alone, there have been reports of Disick hooking up with Bella Thorne (19), and spending a good deal of time with Madison Beer (18), and Suede Brooks (16).

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