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, having fewer allergies, and sleeping better, it’s clear that cats contribute greatly to our lives.

The best news is that it doesn’t take nine lives to train a cat.

The thing is, food and treats can work with training, so why not give them a try?

Whether you train your own companion pets, fosters, or volunteer at shelters, you’re doing a lot of good when you train cats.

after completion of that you should think about MBA or further higher study. dear friend, IT IS GOOD TO DO ONE THING YOU WILL NOT RUN TWO DEGREE IN SEQUENCE i think you can not do mba with, you can not get dual degree, you have to do mba but firstly you have to finished your, after than you can do mba.

i think you should concentrate on what are you doing right now.

in one side, MBA is totally based on the management studies . And i want to change job and shift to good firm will it help me?? But I recommend that, since most firms look for either of the two degrees, you should concentrate on one, and not both. First it is not easy & feasible to do 2 post graduate courses simultaneously.

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Of course, many of the so-called experts who talk about cat training will grudgingly admit that , especially that you can’t train a middle to older-aged cat. In fact, senior cats are more likely to have litterbox problems, so training Mr. Part of this plays into another tired cat stereotype of felines being aloof and unmotivated by praise and attention.

Watch out for signs that your cat may be getting tired, frustrated, or annoyed with the training. Maybe your cat is just training you to stop training him.

Na rozgrzany olej rzepakowy wrzucamy posiekaną drobno cebulę i marchewkę, smażymy aż do zarumienienia. Pozostawiamy na wolnym ogniu na kilka minut (ok 3 ), następnie dodajemy ciecierzyce, posiekane pomidory i przyprawy (kminek, kolendra, sól) oraz posiekaną papryczkę chili. Papryki myjemy, kroimy na pół i usuwamy środek, a następnie faszerujemy ciecierzycą.

so my advice to you is to concentrate on your masters degree and do well in that........ I have got a merit seat for MBA in a reputed institution. If you want to do MBA full time from IIM then you must clear CAT it doesnt make difference weather you are from IIT or any other institution. I am doing MBA from regional college and not so reputed that I can't get placement from that.

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although you can try for mba after will be good for you to do well in masters and get a good job after that which will be give you almost same package that you might get after mba......... But in other programme their might be some benifits for you. and this decision is very wrong that I give up from my CAT study and just go for MBA from this college.. dear friend as i think you can not do both degree along with each other because both degree are from different fields so i think its batter for you that concentrate on the degree that you are doing right now you can do one after another i suggest M.

best of luck hi friend, if you are doing now the from any university, then there is no any problem, you can do the mba at the same time, but you have to manage the time and cover the syllabus, so it will be better if you will do mba through distance education along with the , now it is your choice. Now want to crack GATE and doing from right college only. Tech in place of MBA good luck friend Although it might not seem so, doing MBA and MTech separately is a waste of time, money and resources.