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After expressing disappointment over how much cash was there, he ordered the two young women into the storeroom, pushing the gun into Gabrielle's back. The man then singled out Gabrielle, ordering her to come with him. I looked at that poor crying girl and thought, Things like this happen to bad people. " He said it casually as he ripped into me, like he was asking for the salt.'Gabrielle saw her opportunity, and grabbed the gun and shot at him.'I grabbed the gun and I did my best to try and kill him because I really felt I was about to die,' she said in a recent interview on Nightline.

'He threw me to the ground and was suddenly on me, spreading my legs as he kept the gun on my head,' she wrote. Things like this don't happen to people like me.'He turned me over to go for it doggy style. 'So it was either going to be him or me, and it wasn't going to be me, not on that day.; She missed, and the man tried to rip it from her hand.

This could be an isolated incident and the result of bad luck, or the latest string of being difficult because the rest of the cast and crew simply would not put up with him or her any longer.

If this person is a cast member on a long-running TV show, the character will probably be Mc Leaned.

Alabama wide receiver Devonta Smith catches the game-winning touchdown pass for a 26-23 overtime victory in the College Football Playoff National Championship at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Monday in Atlanta. The 2015 National Championship between Oregon and Ohio State holds the record with 33.9 million viewers.

(Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/TNS) Alabama and Georgia delivered the ratings Monday night in the College Football Playoff National Championship.

My brother, Tim, nearly died when he was born, and so we were lucky to have 58 years with him.

He would have turned 59 next month on the birthday he shared with Abraham Lincoln.

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During her time there, a former employee of the chain was robbing local stores — but while corporate knew about it, and knew the man's name, the current employees did not. She immediately sensed something off about him but was polite and professional.

Gabrielle Union has been incredibly candid about her experience of getting raped at gunpoint as a teenager, and her latest harrowing account of the horrific assault is no different.