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But an unlikely third party is standing in their way: Uryū Ishida, the Quincy! Ichigo successfully defeats Ikkaku of the Eleventh Division and is rewarded with a valuable piece of information--the location of where Rukia is being detained as she awaits execution. memories in the rain2 op.2 "Longing For Sanctuary" 135. Countdown to The End:2 [Lady Lennon~Frankenstein] 149. Ichigo knows that to retrieve Rukia from the Soul Society, he'll have to enter that world himself. The Shooting Star Project 2[Tattoo On The Sky] 085. However, Ichigo's companion, the pyrotechnics-wielding Ganju, is having a much harder time with his Shinigami opponent. memories in the rain2 op.3 "Stepping Into Darkness" 136. Drowsy, Bloody, Crazy The scheduled execution of former Shinigami Rukia Kuchiki has been moved up and is now just hours away. Countdown to The End:1 [Only Mercifully] The rebellion within the Soul Society grows as doubts spread about the death sentence of ex-Shinigami Rukia Kuchiki. But, in a where-the-rubber-meets-the-road kind of way, Ichigo wasn't expecting his assault on the Soul Society to be a piece of cake either. Is his death a cover-up to prevent a valuable secret from being exposed? Ichigo is bent on defeating her brother this time, but he is nowhere near prepared.

It is believed he intends to use the Hōgyoku to create true Arrancar out of the existing false ones. GET BACK FROM THE STORM [TRIGGER FOR A NEW CONCERTO] 183. He bids farewell to Rukia, who chose to remain in the Soul Society.