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The Lapita were expert in seamanship and navigation, reaching out and finding islands separated from each other by hundreds of miles of empty ocean.

Their descendants, the Polynesians, would populate islands from Hawaii to Easter Island.

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However, pottery-making did not persist in most of Polynesia, mainly due to the lack of suitable clay on small islands.

that these decorations may have been transferred to or from less hardy mediums such as tapa (bark cloth), mats or tattoos.

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Excavation of a large cemetery at Teouma on Efate Island in Vanuatu, discovered in 2003, found 36 bodies in 25 graves, as well as burial jars.

The Lapita culture or tradition was a prehistoric Pacific Ocean people from c. The characteristics of the Lapita culture are the extension of human settlement to previously uninhabited Pacific Islands scattered over a large area, distinctive geometric dentate-stamped pottery, the use and widespread distribution of obsidian, and the spread of Oceanic languages.