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05-May-2019 03:44

Angel wore a tight red sundress, and her body was so firm, probably due to hours of working out.

My mind raced back to the day where I almost raped Angel, and she even looked better now!

Therefore, they came home later in the evening not suspecting that someone was waiting for them in there own house. Not bad enough his wife was going to be raped, but he was going to have to watch. "How pathetic, If you can’t protect your property from me, how can you protect your wife!

Later that night, I heard their car pull up into the driveway, and I hid in the guest bedroom, and pulled on my mask and got ready. I reached down and took Shane’s expensive Rolex from his wrist. " Shane wanted to kill me I could tell, but he couldn’t get loose, and I continued antagonizing him. Well she is going to very soon." I heard the shower stop running, and I moved to my predator position outside the bathroom door. Little did Angel know that she was making her soon to be rapist very excited.

Time passed, Shane and Angel got married, Shane inherited his fathers company, and Angel got hotter, and was now a rich women in her late twenties.She cried out in misery as my hands gripped her panties.She tried to grasp at them, but again my big hand cracked across her face, hurling her head back against the pillows.I heard Angel in the bathroom calling to Shane in a sexual voice. The bathroom door opened and Angel started down the hall to the master bedroom. " I backhanded her, then gripped the front of her thin robe and tore it open.

She was dressed in a white bathrobe, and looked so fucking hot. Grabbing her by the waste I carried her into the master bedroom, and her eyes caught Shane who was bound in the chair. If you want your husband to live, you had better do everything I say! She raised her hands, trying to push me away and I backhanded her again, making her cry out in pain. I began digging my fingers into the soft chest meat as her mind was filled with horror.I knew that I was going to have to have my day with that bitch.