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Suffering from depression or having depressive symptoms has everything to do with relationship status.For single depressed men, they suffer from low motivation and often feel badly about themselves.In other words, why are the so afraid of relationships?Previous Relationship Trauma A man may not be able to function well in a relationship if he has extensive issues that stem from a previous relationship trauma.The wake of trauma can make romantic relationships almost unbearable and undoable if the man has not processed the trauma and worked through all the associated thoughts and feelings.In addition, men who are afraid of relationships may have had a previous relationship as an adult that was traumatic.But here's the important part: Not all men are terrified of relationships!

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Though some or all of these men may still have a desire for closeness, the emotional pain from the previous trauma is too great for these men to take the risk and jump into a relationship again.Now that you know about some of the reasons why men fear relationships, consider for a moment the paradox that many men who have a secret fear of relationships are often in relationships!

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