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The name itself is older than the Spanish conquest of Mexico.The city was founded on October 12, 1709, by Blas Cano de los Rios and Antonio Deza y Ulloa, a Spanish explorer, as El Real de Minas de San Francisco de Cuéllar.In recent years, gated residential zones called "fraccionamientos", along with colonias, have been erected.The fraccionamientos function in the same way as residential developments in the U. The growing construction industry is creating many new fraccionamientos in order to try to solve the overwhelming demand for new homes in the city, extending them at an ever-increasing rate every year.

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The city was more involved during the Mexican Revolution (1910–1917), for it became at times the operations base for the División del Norte, the army led by Pancho Villa.

with the name of San Felipe el Real de Chihuahua, and the name was shortened in 1823.

The location was chosen because it is the intersection of the rivers Chuviscar and Sacramento.

There are two country clubs in the city: San Francisco Country Club and Campestre Chihuahua Chihuahua is the twelfth largest city in Mexico, and one of the most industrialized.

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Manufacturing is very important and there are nine major industrial parks and 79 maquila manufacturing plants, which employ about 45,000 people.However, it was in Chihuahua where Miguel Hidalgo, considered the Father of the Country, was held prisoner in the Federal Palace of Chihuahua and executed in 1811 at the nearby Government Palace by the Spaniards.

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