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01-Sep-2019 20:32

**You have been warned** I have read many threads that have the same premise and they may be worded differently but typically they have the same meaning and the main question asked is “WHAT SHOULD I DO?” Something happened in their situation with an ex that they are confused about and want to get the best advice possible.Women spend a discomforting amount of time trying to figure out the weird and wonderful world that exists inside a man’s head.Womankind has matched mankind in intelligence, physical agility, business acumen and balls, but still one area remains as baffling to us as the Bermuda triangle; and that is the male himself.

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Thank you…I wish you the best no matter what your situation. Ever wondered why your ex is “acting that way” or why they are treating you differently now?Scientists have come to accept that a few fundamental differences between men and women are biological.It turns out that men's and women's brains, for example, are not only different, but the way we use them differs too.“Women have larger connections and more frequent interaction between their brain's left and right hemispheres.Ever wondered why they get back in contact with you after months of no contact and they STILL keep you at arms distance?

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Ever wondered why they “give you signals” yet they can’t commit to you? It is a way to pull someone WILLINGLY back to you with minimal effort.A few posts later, you get a response saying “Give him or her a call…what could it hurt? I try to post solid advice based on my experience rather than quick fixes.

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