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Every man can appreciate a good blow job and it may be "The only job you'll ever love". These are American Slaves, we don't sink so low to import our shirts!

But the offensive selection isn't just about your gigantic cock, it's got racial jokes that will crack you up like "Immigrants are like sperm, millions get in, but only one works" and "I'm not a racist, I hate everyone equally". Real partying (not that corporate mess) includes three things: Beer, Bitches, and Bros, in that order. People ask us, why do you make fun of everyone, I say, why not.

We have 100% cotton t-shirts, heavy duty, pre-shrunk, true to size. We have 100% cotton shirts, heavy duty, pre-shrunk, and true to size. From Youth Small and women's Xtra Small..for Men, we have XL, 2xl, 3xl, 4xl, 5xl and 6xl t shirts..have you covered. We have baby dolls, casual, tank tops, hoodies and more. How about "I'd Tell You to Go to Hell, but I Work There and Don't Want to See You Every Day." Not your style?

Select from over 12 color choices, 10 different styles, and sizes up to 6XL! Place your design on the front or back, whichever you prefer!

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Channel your inner Paris Hilton with "Buy Me Things and I'll Be Nicer." And we gotta believe that if Kim Kardashian could have her pick of all our shirts, she would choose "Have You Ever Wondered If There Was More to Life Than Being Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking? You might need to ask your mom Kris Jenner for help.And when the urge strikes, we have just what you need to wear."Everyone Loves a Drunk Chick" and "Guess Where I'm Pierced?Looking for novelty, crazy and funny t shirts for guys and girls? With our current Deal, you can stock up for 1/2 the price of the other guys. No matter what kind of shirt you are looking for, we've got you covered, Literally. For the boy or girl in your family..or dad..have something for everyone. If you like our funny shirts, and consequently if you like us, then spread the word. Is the offensive, politically incorrect shirt more to your liking?

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We also carry women and kids sizes but dont leave out the big and tall guys, we have those too. Like us on facebook, reference us on twitter, mention us in your blogs and we will do our part to do the same for you. Hey, we're not thirteen and we still chuckle at the words boobie, blow and beaver! We counted, and we have over a thousand funny shirts to choose from. Road Kill has your back with designs touting bitch, balls, boobs and more! Be it balls or beavers, smart asses or dumb shits, we have all the shirts you'll ever need to land you in bed with that hot babe you've always wanted; Or behind bars with a rap sheet.

These shirts will shock and appall if you're in a stiff crowd or get you laid if you go to college. We have some sick t shirts and you can't beat the price, the selection or the original content. We have funny t-shirts and people will think you are cool because you know us. No need to fret over what to wear to the neighborhood Halloween party. And your kid is sure to win over enemies (think all those humorless grade-school teachers) with this shirt that highlights some of his top-notch vocabulary skills: "Immature: A Word Boring People Use to Describe Fun People." We have youth sizes from small to extra large, so get'em suited up!

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