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22-Jul-2019 17:48

I mean, what I’m doing — I have a job, raising kids, I have friends, I have my interests, so I think my life is pretty full.

I’m not off doing some weirdo stuff.” “I think he’s always going to be half in and half out. And also his mother, Bibbe, is totally out,” says our source.

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His grandfather, by the way, is still alive, and he’s not a Scientologist.” At this point, the pro-Scientology forces are probably winning the war, but there’s a small chance Giovanni may follow his daughter out.That’s a lot of pretty important stars to walk out of the joint in less than a decade. In April, we wrote a story about Lucia Ribisi leaving Scientology.She’s not a big celebrity — yet — but her father Giovanni Ribisi is.I don’t actually know how many people think that, but I had someone ask me that.” “Erika is tied to CCHR pretty closely, which could keep her in — CCHR is one of the biggest glues that keeps celebrities in,” says our source, referring to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Scientology’s unhinged front group that agitates against psychiatry.

“On the other hand, Erika doesn’t appear to be friends with that many other Scientologists.Now that Jason Lee has confirmed what we’ve suspected for a long time — that he’s out of Scientology — we’re naturally getting questions from readers wondering who among the church’s glittering celebrities will be next to jump ship.

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