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28-Mar-2019 16:53

Because it's the first camera in town, he's named official photographer by the local Party boss. See full summary » Romek, an idealistc 19-year-old boy, takes a job as a tailor in the costume department of a Warsaw theater company where his new colleague, Sowa, is pressured to make a costume for an ...

See full summary » A young couple leave a lake campsite on motorbike at the same time as a bus full of youths.

I'm sure fans of Kieslowski will come after me for daring to suggest that this but this is just not very good!

The direction is good in that it is quite well shot with plenty to hold the eye.

A young man and his girlfriend are staying at a camp site near to where a group of other young men are all camped together.Frumoasele de la lăptărie • High School Musical • High School Musical 2 • Programul de protecție al prințeselor • Orașul Halloween • Al Treisprezecelea an • Geniul • Mama are întâlnire cu un vampir • Orașul Halloween 2: Răzbunarea lui Kalabar • Cadet Kelly • Perfecțiune virtuală • Vrăjigemenele • Vrăjigemenele 2 • Magicienii din Waverly Place: Filmul • Zenon, Aventuri în secolul 21 • Zenon și extratereștri • Aventuri la motocross • În căutarea gloriei • Citește și plângi • Camp Rock • Minutemen • Hai, sări!