Tennis camp for adults uk ashley tisdale dating martin johnson

12-Mar-2019 10:25

Transportation Airport-Academy-Airport Accommodation at the academy facilities Shared rooms with A/C, Bathroom, and cleaning service Internet WI FI 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner at the academy`s restaurant .

All menus are made for tennis players by experienced sport nutritionists.

Adult courses and tennis weekends are a fun way to improve your tennis by taking group instruction from a qualified coach and mixing in with players of a similar standard.

See below for more information on Will to Win’s structured Adult tennis programmes or visit your local Centre page for specific courses and tennis weekends on offer.

Our experienced coaches use game-based sessions to cover all areas of tennis, from stroke production to tactics and scoring. For more information on Adult playing standards, please click HERE.

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(This is a minimum and indicative schedule of training, may vary according to specific training each day, and even extended.) Activities: All activities are supervised and may include trips to the beach, mall, theaters, ballgames and theme parks.

Specific drills and point play scenarios are geared towards fine-tuning stroke technique, including serve & return, winning points through both offensive & defensive play and developing a sound individualised match strategy.

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