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so far they have failed to physically and publicly demonstrate "something coming from nothing" to which there could be no other explaination. I believe you may be missing the underlying points.

The "marks on paper" are entrenched in the wider backdrop of contemporary physics, but specifically the two main pillars, namely quantum mechanics and relativity.

I invite you to talk about the properties of this god that you have in mind. They exceed the created particles by by some vast quantity being infinite as the created particle are but by some vaster quantity but limited in number when considered in number in relation to each created particle. His memory does not extend infinitely backwards and he forgets and he does not know the exact infinite future i do not believe he works miracles as his intrusions would inevitable work greater evil than good.

and because of his limited intelligence he could not correct for the evil nor dispense them fairly.

he said that the origin of the universe was spontaneous .

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One key point here is that these models have a basis in known physics; your theistic hypothesis, on the other hand, has no basis in anything substantive, since diddly squat is known empirically about any gods.while i believe there are an infinite number if big bang in the universe irregularily spaced and therefore non- repeating, all sharing the same physical law, ocaams razor. You don't have 'lesser' infinities."The word "equal" means that there is the same number of, the same weight, the same........... Bottom line is that in order for "things" to be "equal", there has to be a way of determining the amount.........So there are a limited number of things to think about putting a further limit on his intelligence. How then can you say that "infinities" are equal, when infinity cannot be counted?Which I like to say is about 10,000 IQ as an abitrary figure to have something to most if not all of what you claim to be a naturalistic models grounded known physics. If you can count and give me a definite number for the amount of "X", then how can that be infinite?

are pseudo scientific fantasies and the only thing they have going for them is they don't use the word God. just a lot of endless to put it another way you can have one (1) particle per cubic foot of Space or one million (1,000,000,000) particles per cubic foot filling infinite space. If you have a definite number, then it is not infinite.

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