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10-Apr-2019 05:57

She was a doctor and that was what interested me because I was keen to find out more about a health condition I was researching - plus she was pretty.But it was a little disarming that her emails were so romantic right from the start." What Danny didn't know at the time was that Lena was probably not a woman at all but crime consortium operating out of the Czech Republic, executing what is commonly referred to as the Russian dating scam.

Any male over the age of 40 who describes himself as "single" on his My Space or Facebook profile may already be in the sights of a Eastern European crime consortium looking to extort money, using love as the lure.Although warnings about fraudulent suitors are issued on some online dating sites, social networking sites do not tend to caution members or police the blank profiles used by scammers to send messages to members.

The latter assumption is supported by a (L.) stem growth and respiration along an altitudinal transect”).… continue reading »

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