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Anyway because their love is beautiful, I rate it 8. ) and the second lead character doesnt really play any part for being a second lead character just like the other second lead character in any other dramas (kim jae wook is a great actor , but in this drama he didnt makes me dilemma at all for shipping him or yang se jong with seo hyun jin) my rate for this drama is 5/10 sorry for bad grammar ^^ I just don't like the character of hyun soo. Ceo park its the true love Actly every character ondrama that seo hyun jin take's soo annoying from lets eat and another miss oh I watch this cz of kim jae wook Loooveee kim jae wook sooo muchh. I have a lot of beef with the ending and how the writer handled some characters midway but I don't regret watching it.Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong are great and truly the main draw.I think she’s a great actress and she never fails to create strong chemistry with her drama partners. What really went wrong in this drama was the story. Why some dramas make characters that are twisted and wicked and then forgiven and redeemed in the end as if nothing happened. Since I'm rooting for Jung Sun and Hyun Soon from the beginning so I'm satisfied with ending. But sad to speak HS's character is the worst of all. But I do hope he gets mad at HS at least once so that HS knows how hurt he is. Ever since he came back, I've thought the chef is an arrogant punk. I didn’t like the lead pair from the beginning but wanted to give it a try coz it was my favourite actress in lead role.. But now I’m dropping this and moving on to cheer my Ma yi deum(witch’s court) Temp of love.... Just because it was adapted from the book, the script writer could have condensed it to be more snappy. not a fan of any of the main leads BUT have seen them and watched some of their dramas even enjoyed some but this is really getting couldnt say what but hard to watch!! I dislike how inconsistent this writer is with her writing. Ok he's a really good guy at first then he became this petty, selfish and might i say bad character then all of a sudden he become good again helping hyun soo and jung sun especially without asking for anything in return. What kind of irrational expectation do you have for Jung Sun?The CEO pursuing Hyun Soo even knowing that she is dating the chef became unbelievably ridiculous. This drama started off strong and convincing then later on as it progressed, the spark went away. Why invite JW and HA to your gathering after all they put you through. It just poor Mr Park, someone somewhere is made for you. The rest of the casts are so much better off than her, especially Jung-Woo, Won-Joon & Soo-Jung. He works alone, solve the problems alone, try to satisfy everyone. He waited FIVE years just to see his love get stepped over. How he said " I don't take anything else when I have something I like." "I can tell how you feel just by looking at you." "If you're uncomfortable, go ahead." "I dont rob empty house." I think i have a major second lead syndrome. Hope to see JW ends up with HS though it's not possible. He wanted HS back but said she'd have to work for it. But lead pair doesn’t have any chemistry between them!! Let’ move on & Just go watching witch court, this is my 1st life, the package, meloholic, mad dog....these are indeed a whole lot of interesting, warm, beautiful, make-sense & meaningful stories... Its like the writer are trying to appeal to us viewer to like him after hating on his attitude few episodes ago. Girl please stop making this all about you and you only.I never bought into the two leads as a couple, they seemed quite mis-matched and the writing did not convince me otherwise.It was nice to have Kim Jae Wook to look at, but in terms of a drama, I was sorry I wasted my time with it.Like Park isnt even mean and he still doesnt get the girl? I don't feel Jung Sun character as a lead should have to. He always help or try to solve everyone's problem but there was no one besides him that hurts alot. They can say whatever they say :) poor them who hates it but took their time to write a comment ;) The fact is I enjoyed the drama so much.Please do better lol I only watch this drama for Kim jae wook. After whole emotional and loneliness suddenly in ending writer found nothing for him and made a change of his heart and made him neglect his feelings . It's been my entertaining partner between my days in the week.

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I watched this for Kim Jae Wook; unfortunately, his character was poorly and inconsistently developed and left with an unsatisfactory ending.

However, the storyline is slow and gets more and more ridicilous each episode. This drama has failed to invite more viewers not because of lack of chemistry. for a couple episode i think its quiet good, but after 9 episode i stop to watch.. and i have to say sorry that this drama has bad story line and character.

What a pity as the actors here are of high reputation but unfortunately I really did not enjoy the drama at all. Hope Kim Jae Wook will have another drama as a lead. The main leads have chemistry but it became so dragging and the issues took a while to resolve. They have good leads in this drama and I am a fan of SHJ. hyun soo has annoying character and between hyun soo and jung sun, they don't have any chemistry. Normally I enjoy watching the main characters of Korean drama. It has become too draggy even if I skip few scenes it is going no where.. Dwelling on characters' emotions and thoughts a little too much.

I sincerely wont be completing this drama because we all know who ends up with who. Not satisfied with the ending with the CEO park jung woo character.

Why cant the other guy in these dramas win sometimes. Whole drama around 80 percent his character was too lonely and no one trying to understand him .

The Hong Ah romance was equally disappointing - she was a terrible person, and her then ex-boyfriend dumped an excellent character to run back to her . I could like Jung Woo if only he was more cheerful.

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