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With Treasury agents combing the area, Cody and his gang hide in a remote mountain shack, which gives us a chance to get to know the key players.

Verna Jarrett (Viriginia Mayo), Cody's wife, has many of the qualities of a femme fatale. She may have loved Cody at one time, but now she's just afraid of him.

"If I turned my back long enough for Big Ed to put a hole in it, there'd be a hole in it", he tells Verna."I'm sick of carrying a gun and beating up women." Unfortunately for Cagney, he did not prove adept at choosing his own projects.None of the films released by his company through United Artists proved successful.How could he have robbed the train in California when he was in Illinois at the time?

, if only for the remarkable cafeteria scene shot with hundreds of extras, who weren't informed in advance what would be happening that day.It's an understandable bond, since, as we learn during the film, Cody's father, Ma's husband, died in an insane asylum.

Whether or not it’s sexual, that remains to be seen if they go down that road again. I think there’s always opportunity to do some interesting stuff there.… continue reading »

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Las empresas cosméticas quieren hacernos creer que realizan investigación de vanguardia, pero sus estudios ni se publican en revistas científicas ni pasan los mínimos criterios que requiere el método científico.… continue reading »

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