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The OK Jazz Podcast is a weekly show hosted by James Catchpole aka Mr OK Jazz.

An eclectic selection of World Music, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Blues and more, ranging from classic tracks to fresh releases plus info on live gigs, cultural events and anything interesting going on in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas. Get started using the mobile friendly podcast player for ‘on the go’ access to all of the shows.

I can totally understand now why audiophiles obsess they way they do as it it's just a completely different experience to hear music in this way.

Many thanks to NOE for inviting me to the sound lab for this demonstration, I'm ready to spend my next spare ¥200,000 on a home unit.

A small group including journalists, DJs, an astronomer(!

) and myself were picked up near Tokyo Station and driven about an hour or so out to the lab.

5am wake up call, 7am train and there I was making the beautiful walk up a lovely tree-lined hill towards Chusonji at 0930.The genesis of the project stems from the lead engineer's experience with sound acoustics while walking in the forest.