Wsus server not updating client status

11-Aug-2019 12:07

With that initial configuration now complete on our WSUS server, let’s explore the WSUS Console just a bit before we even get into any of the more hard-core configurations.This is the WSUS console and this console will be factored towards whatever machine you happen to be plugging it into, which in my case is this machine WSUS.As I said before there are 2 different ways in which machines can get assigned into the groups that you create.To choose which one we want to use we need to click on the options and then click on Computers It is here where we determine which of those two options we’re gonna choose.Now the first point to make about WSUS groups is that they are separate and distinct from Windows security groups and from Windows distribution groups. They can be populated using 2 methods by administrators using the WSUS console, which is called server-side targeting, or automatically by preconfigured Group Policy objects, which is called client-side targeting.It’s okay to put one WSUS group inside of another, so nesting is allowed.

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Obviously you’ve not approved any updates, so you should be seeing a long list of them.Here in this list of updates there’s no way for me to kinda click on an update and say, deploy right now to machines, that’s not how WSUS works.Rather, when you have a list of possible updates, what you need to do is approve the update by right clicking the update and choosing approve.By default there are 2 WSUS groups out-of -the box.

The best practice usually is to try to create as few groups as possible.If the detection worked and the computer is communicating with WSUS, then (in Windows 7 anyway) Windows Update will say something like "You receive updates: Managed by your system administrator" (if you didn't lock it down totally via GPO, you will also have the option "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update").

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