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09-Apr-2019 21:16

We think this is the most amazing version of a midnight snack that we've even heard of and want you to try them for yourself so you can see why we love them so much!Individually wrapped, these special Milky Way Midnight Bars have the same delicious nougat interior that candy lovers have craved for decades but are topped with a black as night dark chocolate. We're sure if you bring these Milky Way Midnight Bars home that you'll make a habit of visiting the pantry when the sun goes down.

Fall is here, and we are gearing up for what one in four people call their favorite holiday: Halloween.Make wings from half circles with fringe cut along the straight line. How to make First, punch a hole in the top of your soapbox. Be sure to use enough paper so that there are a couple inches above and below your box. Cut triangle fringe on the bottom of each half circle to form your wings. when it comes to mythical creatures, Nathan and I are total suckers.

Though I will caution you that while it will show up to your house in two days with Amazon Prime, the bunny might have a dent or two in his tummy that requires surgical operation with pliers.

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