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Erza's smile is bright enough to blind all to her unhealthy obsession of all things that go stab. How much can one man give up, when he has nothing left to lose?

Gray is almost normal, when he isn't talking to ghosts or arguing with his strange tattoo. The curtains close on the devastation Tartaros has wrought, and Gray is given a choice he can't make to travel back to a world he no longer knows.

She pressed on with her duty, until an equally quirky Grey Warden came into her life.

Can they make something more of this bond they've shared?

Lelouch swore that if he ever got a second chance at life, he would fix all his past mistakes. But no matter his foreknowledge, changing the future is not as easy as he thought.

But Itachi knows the Yondaime Hokage would not regret war if it meant the chance to meet his son.[AU/AT] After finding himself suddenly thrust into an alternate timeline where the Quincy have all but won the Quincy/Shinigami war, Ishida Uryū tries to both assist a beleaguered Gotei 13 and find a way back home.

Time Travel AUEmiya Kiritsugu was happy living the rest of his short days. until he began to dream of futures that had yet to be.

Let it be known that the Magus Killer was not dangerous simply because he was dying and had no plans to fight.

Waking up in an unfamiliar room one morning, Phoenix Wright suddenly finds a Prosecutor's Badge in his possession. Damn it, this is why he was never supposed to be the hero!

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With most of his allies suddenly acting hostile towards him, will he figure out what truly caused the world he knew to suddenly change? Comedy, Adventure, Time-Travel AU, Insanity, General Lunacy. *On hiatus*Somehow, Tsuna was trapped in the body of his other self who just had committed suicide in a parallel world... Sure they were living in obscurity, but he and Nunnally were safe.But when they are trapped inside the game, [Sword Art Online], they determine something even more distressing: Kayaba Akihiko is definitely a Magus.

That is why, I, Kamen Rider Chrome has decided to inform everyone of what has happened. v=H3mf XAAq_BQLove Hina/Double Trouble: Medals of Ikki Tousen: Tales of the Armored War Gods: Showa and Vampire: FORUM: Vol I: Zodiac Titans (My first fic)ZKD Vol II: Shadow of the Past (Sequel to the above fic.… continue reading »

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Also identify those criteria on which you scored highest.… continue reading »

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Hello Chocolate Kings and Queens, Happy new year and I hope that this message finds you well. My name is Mrs C and I am a female entrepreneur and I make it my business to create entertainment for people of black/... The relaxed and informal challenge of Speed Dating arrives at The Garden Bar in Hove from Brighton-based Right when love should certainly be in the air for the 25-35 age group.… continue reading »

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And these are the girls who have the hardest time to find a man.​This place has more than 700 stores and 50 restaurants and cafes. You won’t find another mall with more than 700 stores in this city. Instead, I want to introduce the only two districts of Hong Kong that are worth checking out. He’s too passive to do anything about it and that’s why now, after it went viral, That’s why you need to be persistent…or meet girls online.​In case you have only dated Western women, you’ll be surprised at how feminine Hong Kong women are.… continue reading »

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The number of lesions diminishes by approximately 10% per year.… continue reading »

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