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That is better and more suitable for final determination" (al Qur'an ) This doesn't mean that one should revolt against their parents; it's just that they deserve a different level of obedience that is not at the expense of the other.

The need for Muslim scholars is more important to people than food or drink.

Anas ibn Malik reported that the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: "The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim" (Ibn Majah) • Through knowledge superiority of Adam over the angels was proven.

2 s 2 s s ss s y y y S Si S £ 33 "And He taught Adam all the names (of everything), then He showed them to the angels and said, "Tell Me the names of these if you are truthful."" (al Qur'an ) • Knowledge is an instrument, not a goal.

" [Ibn Khaldun, al-Muqaddinah] Ibn Al Qayyim stated, "The need for Fuqaha' is more important to the people than food and drink.

Qabeelat Tayybah When you take a look at Muslims living in Muslim countries, you find out that they are hardly organized.

The prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) carried it and gave it to the sahaaba who passed it on to the following generations. Then the cities of Islam grew, and illiteracy disappeared from among the Arabs because of their constant occupation with the Qur'an. Fiqh was perfected and came to be a craft and a science.

The Qur'an readers were no longer called Qur'an readers but Fuqaha' (jurists) and religious scholars.

At the end of this course, ISA you will be able to: • Begin your study of comparative Fiqh with confidence • Appreciate and share with others the blessed lives of the four Imams • Understand the history of Islamic Law, how it started, stages of development, and where we are today • Understand the reasoning behind different opinions • Carry on empowered dialogues with people of opposing views • Discuss issues of Fiqh with proper etiquette TCE Notes Revolution 2 Qabeelat Tayybah Introduction Jinowiedge fa Saaced 1« -?

S ^ S * 9 *" ' ' 3jip jjjp a JUi 01 *LU*Jl ai Uf a JQi UIl d Ui S' La As^s f&Ulj olj IUlj ^Gl s s y y y "And of men and Ad Dawab (moving living creatures, beasts, etc.), and cattle, in like manner of various colours.

It should be used to reach a higher goal of worshipping Allah and seeking His pleasure and reward. Different Divisions of Knowledge and Islamic Sciences Despite the fact that we've lost a lot of books of Islamic Sciences when the Mongols wiped out the Islamic libraries in Iraq, we are still left with a huge legacy of knowledge.

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